Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Last day to get free, unlimited supercharging!

As y'all may have heard, #CO2Fre got an upgrade recently.  .  And of course I love this car.  But as someone who's already driven over 150,000 mi [240,000 km] electric miles between 3 previous EVs, I must say one of my favorite features is the free, unlimited SuperCharging that comes with it!

And if you act today, 12 September, 2018, you too can get Free, Unlimited SuperCharging.  Just use my referral code!

Now get out there and accumulate those electric miles my friends!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Goodbye Nissan! Affordable, yes, Electric, yes, Car, yes, but can it even get you home from work?

As many of my readers know, I drive a lot.  About 75 mi (120 km) a day, 1,550 mi (2,500 km) per month [for about $30–35], and about 20,000 mi (32,000 km) every year.  And now that #CO2Fre (technically, she is currently white) has a mere 33,875 miles, and just over 19 months, for the first time since owning #CO2Fre2 (2012 LEAF SL, down one bar, 42,700 mi and 27 months) and #CO2Fre1 (2013 LEAF SL, full bars, 50,000 mi and 30 months), this #CO2Fre is already down two whole bars!

In fact, as you can see from LEAFSpy (Android, iOS), #CO2Fre is down to about 76.20% of it's original capacity (less than the capacity of a new 24kWh Battery LEAF) and merely just under 68% health.  I will admit 64 #CHAdeMO sessions are a bit much for 19 months, but compared to 1642 Level 2 plugins, it's hardly unusual, especially within 33,875 miles.

The moral of this story, my friends, is very simple.  Although I still strongly recommend a used LEAF for under $10,000 with maybe 50 mi (80 km) capacity, I have but one piece of advice for all my readers, especially on the cusp of the sham 150 mi (240 km) capacity 2018 too-little-too-late LEAF, my council is simply this: Do not get a Nissan, never again!

If only waiting for a Tesla Model 三 wasn't a sisyphean task.