Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Years and 119 Cars! (Yesterday)


…I wrote an introduction to the Plug-in America Vehicle Tracker.


Of the original 4 cars I listed 2 years ago, 2 of them have a place on the Plug-in America Vehicle Tracker, 1 is considered Low-Speed (link to EAA broken) and therefor not suitable for this list and one that may never come to market and therefore may never appear on the list.


Specifically, the Eliica is still just a pipe dream of Keio University and although in many ways ahead of its time, it isn't likely the path that the standard electric vehicle will take given it's 8 wheel design.  None the less, I still say the in-wheel motors are the best design possible for an EV, eliminating the need for Rack and Pinion steering — I can tell you from experience, lack of Rack and Pinion steering makes it really hard to turn at speed — since the in-wheel motors could be digitally tuned to turn ad different rates as with the Rack and Pinion gearbox.


The Zenn cars of my beloved Québec haven't gone anywhere — at least not anywhere in a hurry.  The Zenn is still, at its core, a city car.  Thus, it's neither appropriate for the Plug-in America list, nor sutable by my EV Criteria.  But I have to support La Belle Province…

Tata Indica EV

Okay, so it's not the Nano-E I mentioned 2 years ago, but Tata motors of India is most indubitably still in the EV market with the Indica EV due out later this year.  And with a range of 124 mi (200 km) and 65 mph (105 kph) top speed, if the price is right it may just be one of the first Affordable Electric Cars out there.  But it's got some stiff competition.

Tesla Roadster

Ah, the Tesla Roadster.  Still going strong.  Still $109,000.  Still not nearly affordable.  But the Roadster isn't ever meant to be affordable; Tesla has another car for that.

Next up

Some of the Electric Vehicles available today…

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