Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Initial Scheduled Delivery Date

for the Nissan LEAF has been posted to the Nissan LEAF Website.

Month of November 2011November, 2011

No big surprise there and still 1-2 months after the Dominion Virginia Power Electric Vehicle pilot program begins, though I assume there will still be slots available in that short period.  I stand by my no later than Thanksgiving assertion, and given how vague Month of November 2011 is, I wouldn't be too far a miss.

Now, whether I'll take delivery come November is still to be decided, so stay tuned…


  1. Quick question: Did your dealer charge you a "processing fee"? I know that the destination/shipping fee is required, but the processing fee is just some BS that the dealer pads on there. I naively thought that the amount they quoted as "initial customer payment" (for a lease) was the amount that I'd be paying when I picked up the car but now I'm finding out about all of these other fees. I hate salespeople.

  2. Are you able to edit you color at this point or is it greyed out?

  3. Re: Changing color, not that I can see. I know some people tried during the first phase of ordering but right now, with the current interface I can't see how it's done. But I like Red, so I'll keep it unless Green comes up.