Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Test Drive the Nissan LEAF at Nissan of Chantilly

My friendly, neighborhood dealership representative Justin Maynard was kind enough to pass me a note earlier this month about how you can now test drive your very own Nissan LEAF at my official Nissan LEAF dealership, Nissan of Chantilly.  I've not heard from any other dealerships — I'd guess that other dealerships also have LEAFs for test drives (especially Criswell Nissan, given that the were claiming they'd have them in August) — but welcome any other dealership to send me a note so I can let my readers know about it.

Justin asks that you call first to schedule an appointment to ensure you'll have a chance to drive the vehicle to ensure that the car is available and properly charged before you come.  That said, anyone is invited to drop in, be it those like me with an active vehicle order or you who may just want to learn a little more about this wonderful, electric car.  I can't speak more highly of Justin's knowledge of the LEAF and how he can help you too drive free of fosil fuels…

What?  No, I'm not gonna drop a footnote about coal and natural gas (methane).  Will you guys get over this?  First of all, electric vehicles are more fuel efficient than gasoline vehicles even under 100% coal because coal plants are much more efficient generators than the standard internal combustion engine.  Plus, would you rather have those nasty emissions where your kids play or way out in the middle of nowhere where they build that coal plant — which is prevented by the EPA from polluting anyway?  And further, who said I was going to use Coal to power my EV when I could use Dominion Virginia Power's Green Rider or simply put up my own solar panels with a company like Solar City

…Sorry!  I guess I sometimes get carried away with my environmental concerns, even if those aren't the only reason I want an EV.  And I believe you should want one too!  So give Justin a call at 703-889-3700 to schedule an appoint to test drive the Nissan LEAF at Nissan of Chantilly.  Once you do, I'm sure you'll be signing up to own your very own piece of the electric revolution!

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