Monday, October 17, 2011

The EVA/DC October Meeting in Silver Spring, MD

Recently elected president of the EVA/DC and my friend Charlie Garlow has published information about the next EVA/DC meeting this Wednesday.  The meeting is at the Silver Spring Library, opened to the public and all are invited!  His invitation is as follows:

Dear EVeryone, Please forward this email far and wide. Bring your friends.

What a great time we had this weekend at the National Plug In Day on the Capitol Mall at 3rd and Pennsylvania Ave NW.
Great cars, and e-bikes/e-scooters, and great people joined the great weather. Does it get any better than this?
Three Volts, one LEAF, one Smart, one Solar Prius, one RAV4EV, one Tesla, one BMW Z3 EV, one Chevy S-10, two Vectrixes [Vectri?], two A2B e-bikes. Phil's three wheel leaning trike, other leaning e-trikes, what else did I forget? Oh, and the honky tonk band, the Capitol Hillbillies on piano, harmonica and guitar.

For some photos on the action, go to

October Meeting of the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, DC. is this Wednesday, Oct 19, 7:00 PM at the usual Silver Spring, MD public library. Pizza and beverages will be available as usual, but if you really want to bring in your home-baked apple crisp with brown sugar, I won't object @!! It is harvest season.

Recap of last month's EVents, including

  1. the National Plug in Day events all around the US. Joe Lado and others tell all.
  2. Jr Solar Sprint races in Arlington, VA. Doron Shalvi and Charlie Garlow.
  3. 3. Solar Home Tour on Oct 1 - 2. Rob Neighbour, Bryan Murtha, Mark the Sparkie and others talk EVs and PV.
  4. 4. Solar Decathlon EV Workshop on Oct 2. Bob Bruninga and Eric Cardwell.
  5. 5. Public Outreach efforts. Speech at the Rotary Club. Dave Goldstein at conferences.
  6. 6. Others I forgot?

Plans for upcoming events: Univ of MD EVent on November 16 and a field trip to Frederick, MD to see the Merit Builders' solar canopy charging system.
Your topics that you want to bring up....charging? Prices for new EVs? Lease vs. sale?

EVs for Sale.

  1. Peter Jancik is selling his converted 1999 white Chevy S-10 pickup truck Cell 202-413-1797. Asking $6500, but it is worth more than that in parts.
  2. Suhas Malghan is selling his black MR2 asking $7500. 40kW continuous, 90kW peak Siemens AC motor, EVision, Brusa charger and I have spares to redo the front suspension among other things. Not yet running, but Suhas is working on the capacitors. This is an oversized motor. Zoom. Pictures are at
  3. in Takoma Park, MD is selling all sorts of e-bikes and e-scooters.

Charlie Garlow, President
Dave Goldstein, President Emeritus
Eric Cardwell, Vice President
gobs of other officers and EV advocates.

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Note: Like the Tyson's Pimmit Library, the Silver Spring Library extremely difficult to find mainly because as you go up Route 29 / Colesville Road you pass the entrance first and then see the sign for the library on your right.  The entrance is behind a tall office building and looks like an entrance to that office block's parking lot, which is why it's so easy to miss.  Shame on Silver Spring for the design!

Unfortunately I missed the National Plug-In Day event on the Capital Mall due to a Rhinovirus who's but I'm currently kicking up to Kathmandu!  And more unfortunately I'm going to miss this EVA/DC meeting because this Wednesday's my HOA's annual public meeting where I, as acting president (since the official president is out on travel) will be running the show and preparing my community for new rules which will finally allow Photovoltaic and Solar-Thermal water heating in our association!  I'm sad to miss my friends at the EVA/DC again this month but I know they all wish me luck as we make my home a little more green!


Charlie adds:

Dear EVeryone, again,

As usual, Phil Foss with his incredible 1909 digital camera, has once again come up with the best video:

And another agenda item. How could I have forgotten the Chevy Volt Meet-up at Lincoln Theater's back parking lot, featuring Alexandra Paul, Hollywood star and EV Activist who got arrested in Who Killed the Electric Car?, and featuring Bryan Murtha and Joe Lado with their Chevy Volts, and a host of other EVers in attendance. Everyone got to drive the Volt. What a night ! Alexandra Paul gave me her Hello I'm Alexandra Paul sticker, which I will keep forever.


To be quite honest, Alexandra and her green activism makes her one of my heroes so thank you for the update Charlie and though I don't always speak highly of the Volt, I do think overall it's a wonderful car for those Americans with a 30 mile or less commute, unlike me.

And finally, Peter, the owner of the Chevy S-10 Pickup wanted to add that his vehicle is available for auction on eBay:

Thank you very much for mentioning my truck in the e-newsletter. I was wondering if it would be possible to let know EVA/DC members that the converted S10 1999 will be sold for $3250 or more on eBay. Here is the link to the auction:

If the car will be bought by EVA/DC member I will contribute 2% to EVA/DC.

Thank you,
Peter Jancik

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