Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Changes for a Better EV Life: Get Them to Work Overtime for Pennies

Having driven CO2 Fre for over a month now, I feel I can now safely make some recommendations for change that would make my life infinitely easier.  Some of these things I've been writing about long before I purchased my Nissan LEAF; I knew going in some sacrifice would be required for the greater good.  That's not to say there aren't great things like the burgeoning Charging Infrastructure and wonderful LEAF features to help get me through the day!  But there's always room for improvement and if you don't speak up, nothing will get done.

Cheap Employee Perk

Would your employees work for 17¢ an hour?  Sound impossible?  Sound illegal?  Well, if your pay your employees on salary it's certainly possible to extract more hours of work by simply allowing them to plug their electric vehicle into one of your outlets.

Simply put, if you don't have to pay them overtime and pizzas and refreshments aren't keeping them late, how about a bit of free tickle charged electricity to get them to work just one more hour?  And it doesn't cost you more than the electricity assuming you already have a standard NEMA 5-15 plug at the work site, and what business doesn't? Just let them plug in and watch as they consider leaving then rethink because they want just that little bit extra charge, an extra 5–10 miles of after work activities or to make up the lost mileage that morning due to traffic and weather.  At 12¢kWh U.S. national average and a mere 1.44kW charger you'd only be out about 17¢ per hour more worked!

But one thing I will recommend if it's not there already.  For a couple more bucks upgrade that external outlet to a GFCI.  The last think you'll need is to have a fault at that socket plunge the whole office into darkness.  It's not necessary, believe me.&nbps; All EVSEs have their own ground fault circuitry so they shouldn't be hitting your breaker with issues.  But when someone plugs something besides an EV in that output, you'll be thankful I told you.

Oh, and happy π day!

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