Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Volt or LEAF: You Decide

Autoblog is holding a poll to see what Americans prefer, the Chevy Volt or the Nissan LEAF

Right now, Americans prefer the Volt over the LEAF by almost 2 to 1 and even prefer their current ICE over that of the LEAF!  For shame.  But don't get me wrong, on paper I love the Volt and want it to succeed!  I want GM to succeed, not just for the repayment of the federal loan but because they're an American institution.

But I have one more beef, and that's to pick with the Autoblog website itself.  Again, it's a cool website and I think everyone should visit it not just to show their LEAF love.  My problem is that I am trying to post a message but I don't haven an account.  When I try to create the account, I don't get the confirmation e-mail and my post doesn't even appear on the site.  So far I've tried twice and have decided to give up.  Instead, I'll share my only Volt rant here with you, my friends!

No No No!  The Volt doesn't even care about the 50% of Americans whose daily commute is over 40 miles, do they!?  I'm one of them and I'd have loved to buy a Volt if they made my daily commute all electric.  But no, they want me to spend half of my commute charging my battery with OsamaBinLadoline!  @#%@ that!  LEAF all the way baby, or the Tesla S class if it wasn't so pricey!  Volt IFF they get a bigger batter or at least a Diesel generator for gosh sakes!  Gees, yeah, I wanna go for long trips but I don't wanna lug around an ICE for the 3 times a year out of area jaunt when I just need my car mainly to go to and from work 99% of the time.  Can't they get this??


Just heard back from Autoblog, comment submitted, finally!

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