Monday, November 7, 2011

Capital Area Nissan LEAF Owners Group & Meetup

I've been looking into setting up a meetup for all you Northern Virginian, Washington D.C. and Southern Marylanders to gather and talk shop about their brand-spanking new Nissan LEAFs.  Although I considered using for this like I do my Reston Writers Roundup where I share my work on Project Kronosphere, I decided that since Facebook would give this too me for free, that's the best place to begin this organization.  So hop on down to the Capital Area Nissan LEAF Owners group and help me plan our first official meeting!  Not on Facebook?  We also have a Yahoo! discussion and planning mailing list at Capital Area LEAF Owners!

Of course, if you don't want to do this through the behemoth that is Facebook, please suggest another site in the comments as I'm truly agnostic about the how or the where save that we'll typically meet in Northern Virginia since my beloved EVA/DC typically meets in Southern Maryland.


  1. Could setup a yahoo group list or use

    BTW, my LEAF is scheduled for Week of Dec 12th.


  2. Congratulations Alex! And you're welcome to come even before you get your LEAF; in fact this meetup is opened to all like-minded individuals, even our friends in Volts and Teslas!

    And yes, I debated Yahoo! at first but though that Facebook would cover more people. The NoVaDWVS started out on Yahoo (well, technically eGroups, but that's another story) but has recently expanded quite successfully into Facebook! I think Yahoo! will be great for meeting planning and those types of discussions. And the Facebook will be more for announcements; Yahoo! does have a calendar system and a rudimentary reservation system, but I don't mind using EVite for the formal meeting announcement: that's a nice idea! Especially when you spell it that way! :)