Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nissan needs a Way-Back machine

The day after I took delivery of the first Nissan LEAF first Electric Car on the East Coast first Nissan LEAF on the East Coast first 2012 Nissan LEAF first Nissan LEAF sold in Virginia first Nissan LEAF sold in Fairfax County best priced Nissan LEAF arbitrarily numbered, high-priced, nothing special other than being mine, every-day, fully-loaded Nissan LEAF (come on, Carlos, je parle français, et mes ancêtres sont libanais aussi), I got this kind letter from Nissan:

Jeffrey, the excitement of driving a part of automotive history is almost here! Your Nissan LEAF™ is scheduled to arrive at your local dealer soon. Once you take delivery of the vehicle, your initial $99 reservation fee will be refunded. If you have any further questions about the delivery process, just contact your Nissan Dealer.

Oh, thanks Nissan.  I'll let my yesterday self know that right away; doctor Strange will take care of it for me!  Now, where is my $99 again??  It wasn't on my sales receipt.  And for the record, the $99 was refunded on my credit card along with the charge for $5,000 I put on it when I bought my LEAF.

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