Friday, December 10, 2010

Chevy Chase Nissan

7701 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda MD 20814
(301) 656-9200

I just got off the phone with Ron at Chevy Chase Nissan and must say it is hard to find a more pleasant and hard-working gentleman in the automotive industry!  The advantages of going with Chevy Chase Nissan on paper aren't much greater than other area dealerships but I'm sure you'll be as satisfied as I was after speaking with Ron.  A quick run-down of Chevy Chase Nissan's features are as follows:

  • Free Car Washes for any car owned by the customer
  • Free Oil and Filter Changes for the first 3 (THREE) years after purchase

Again, the second option is pretty useless when you buy an electric car, but there's more than just the car washes and pleasant demeanor at Chevy Chase Nissan.  In fact, Ron has told me that Chevy Chase Nissan is the first Nissan Dealership to sign the MSRP and Options pledge!  So congratulations Chevy Chase Nissan and I have to say if again it wasn't for the issue of buying the car across the state border I'd have already switch my preferred dealer over to you before I even got off the phone.

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