Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dealer Contact Update

It's December First and officially, orders have now begun for the Nissan LEAF in the Washington D.C. area.  I say theoretically because in fact I doubt any quotes have been sent out on the Eastern Seaboard today since historically new order groups are always entered at the tail end of the month.  Where as the waiting is hell, that is good for one thing: more time to contact dealers and give them a chance to pitch their store here for my reader, the D.C. EV Facebook Group and the My Nissan LEAF forums participants to consider switching to them as preferred dealers.  I've currently compile only 1 review, that for Nissan of Chantilly, with Browns of Sterling and Browns of Fairfax working with me to pitch their sister stores. Sheehy of Springfield has also contacted me, as well as Passport of Alexandria, but neither of them has submitted any form of an official pitch.

Now yesterday, I contacted all the dealerships in Northern Virginia.  Today, I added to that list the Dealerships between D.C. and Baltimore for a total of 17 stores contacted.  Over the next 2 days I will try to send out query letters to the rest of the 13 area dealerships from Richmond to the PA border to give everyone an opportunity to state their case.  And since we're already in the month of December, I've change the middle of the message I'm sending as follows:

I know that we have already begun the December sales month and understand you may have already sent out quotes to potential LEAF customers, but I will be happy to continue publishing your offers throughout the month since I think most potential buyers won't have their dashboards opened on immediately anyway, giving them time to switch to your dealership.

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