Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet your Dealership: Brown's Fairfax Nissan

Welcome to Brown's Fairfax Nissan, in Fairfax, VA

On Tuesday, 15 March, I dropped by Brown's Fairfax Nissan to test drive, for my very first time, the all-new, fully electric Nissan LEAF.

I was running a little late that very busy Tuesday and, turning a corner, I arrived at Brown's around 09:30.

I promptly parked in the customer parking lot to the left of the main building.

The Sales Manager, James was actually out testing the LEAF when I arrived so I wasn't able to see the car when I approached the building.  Instead, I entered their lovely showroom.

In the showroom, I met the Nissan North America representative, Dylan — who was also the person who conducted the EVA/DC the following Saturday.

I chatted with Dylan briefly, unable to contain me clear love for this particular electric vehicle, then asked to see the dealership's LEAF expert.  This is when I met Sharon.

Sharon Connacher-Donovan has been working for Brown's Fairfax Nissan for 27 years and can boast a 98% customer satisfaction rating, receiving the Platinum Level award.  I then went to explore the dealership while I waited for James to get back with the Blue LEAF.

When I saw the Calling All Visionaries sign, I became quite excited — my first test drive of the LEAF was coming…

The Customer Waiting Lounge at Brown's Fairfax Nissan is quite comfortable and there's a large, flat-screen television which you can see to the left of the photo.

The lounge is capacious and seats about 15 people.

Between the customer lounge and the showroom is a play area for the little ones.

There's also your standard assortment of yummy snacks.

And of course, though you won't need a regular oil change with the LEAF, their friendly service staff are well equipped to solve your electric vehicle needs.

Of course, the big question for the prospective EV owner is where are the EVSEs?  Well, Sharon pointed the first 2 out to me right there in plain sight, at the left corner of the building.  They only have the Level 2 AeroVironment chargers at all the Nissan Dealership and I must admit this EVSE is pretty.

And there's a third located on the exact opposite side of the building, near the back.

You can't go wrong with Brown's Fairfax Nissan and you can find no better sales specialist than Sharon.  When you buy from Brown's Fairfax Nissan, you become a friend for the life of your vehicle.  Sharon is very knowledgeable and can answer all of your LEAF-related question.  The customer service at Brown's Fairfax Nissan is excellent and I'm sure you'll be as happy with them as I was during my test drive.

Finally, James arrived back with the Blue LEAF and I finally got behind the wheel of my first LEAF, with Sharon by my side, which I'll discuss in another post.

Brown's Fairfax Nissan is located at:

11000 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030

View Brown's Fairfax Nissan in a larger map

Brown's Fairfax Nissan, your neighborhood Nissan Dealer.  Welcome!

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