Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three Test Drives! Yay! But where was the forth?

Today I test drove 3 Nissan LEAFs, and tomorrow I plan to visit 3 more dealership, take pictures, get more information on their plans for the LEAF, giving them a dedicated post — or, in the case of Nissan of Chantilly, a second one.  But I was disheartened that my old friends at Chevy Chase Nissan didn't let me know they were getting the car for a test drive today too!  It would have been the perfect opportunity to take pictures of their dealership and meet with some of the staff, like I did at Brown's Fairfax Nissan, Herb Gordon Nissan and Criswell Nissan today.  But don't worry, Chevy Chase Nissan, I still love you and will come by sometime soon, even if you don't have the LEAF! I promise!