Friday, July 29, 2011

Greater Washington D.C. Nissan LEAF Allocations for July

The following dealerships still have allocations for you to order your LEAF with them; feel free to check out their web site and then select them as your preferred dealer.

Dealership Contact Phone Original Quota Remaining As of
Tri-State Nissan of Warrenton Brian Nieves 540-667-6800 1 2011-07-29 10:45
Nissan of Chantilly Justin Maynard 703-889-3700 3 1 2011-07-29 19:00
Koons Falls Church Nissan Carlos Perez 877-702-9995 5 2 2011-07-29 16:10

The way the allocation quota system works is simple: we, the customer choose a preferred dealer and select our options.  Our Nissan Dashboard then gives us the MSRP of our selection and we're presented with a button to Request a Quote from our preferred Dealer.

Meanwhile, the dealerships all have their own dashboards at  From there they can see all the quote requests and send out their price quotes for the as-configured LEAF.  But here's where these numbers get involved.

Each area dealer is assigned a quota for the maximum number of orders they may submit.  Let's assume your preferred dealer is allocated 4 orders and has already submitted all 4 of those orders.  When you come in requesting a quote, that dealership won't be able to order your car until the next month when the next set of dealership quotas are posted since his current quota is filled.  I'm not sure if they'll send you a price quote in this circumstance but the quota means that if the dealer has no more slots, you will end up waiting longer.  The dealers above have guaranteed slots as of the time given in the right column.

The Quota System was introduced late last year when it was found certain dealerships were dominating their markets with seriously marked down LEAF prices.

As always, call your dealership first to arrange price and find out if they have any remaining slots.  More than enough slots are allocated for each region so if one dealership has fulfilled his quota, just try another one.  However, a dealer's subsequent month's allocation quota will be based on the number of orders submitted in the current month, so let's all make sure our favorite dealers are getting the business they deserve today so that can continue to get the business they deserve tomorrow!