Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nissan Dealerships: Send me your Allocation

I'm calling out to any Nissan Dealership that's LEAF certified and wishes to post their allocation quotas, or recertify their commitments to MSRP, etc.  Please use the embedded form below to update your details so I can manually update the pages where these issues are covered.  My list of allocation quotes has been retweeted by @NissanLEAF and is a great way to get people to your dealership and I will be creating a new post for the August numbers.  I look forward to helping you connect to your customers!


  1. Good luck. Brown's Nissan in Herndon showed my Leaf arriving 8 Nov 2011, and on 14 Nov said the vehicle was being shipped from CA to VA. The next day I got an e-mail from Nissan that my arrival date has now changed to 3 Jan 2012. It hasn't even left Japan! I don't blame the dealership, who has tried to be helpful. I blame Nissan corporate, whose communications continue to be terribly infrequent and inaccurate, despite public pronouncements to fix them.

  2. Hi Anonymous! Well, I never got an allocation from a Nissan Dealership in Herndon — the only dealership that did reply was Herb Gordon Nissan and they just told me they had already filled their allocations. I really like Herb Gordon Nissan so that made me happy; I'm even considering having one of the Capital Area LEAF meetups there, but that's another story.

    Anyway, so I'm assuming you mean Brown's Dulles/Sterling Nissan. The staff turnover there has been crazy — last I heard John Omidpanah was in charge of LEAF sales — but the GM Aaron is on the ball and the Fairfax store IMHO is run really well. But I think you're right to blame Japan. A 2-month jump is insane! When did they place your order? And if it does turn out to be in 2012, I recommend changing your W4 to reduce your net pay by $7500 so you don't have to wait a year to get your tax credit. (Why isn't this a rebate yet?)

    Anyway, sorry to hear about this but you're still welcome to come to our first Capital LEAFs meetup at Nissan of Chantilly: