Monday, July 25, 2011

Mark your Calendars Tier 2: 27 July 2011

I have it direct from my new preferred dealership Nissan of Chantilly that their dashboards will be opening up 27 July 2011 for ordering the 2012 Nissan LEAF!  After all these months, it's been hard to decide who to make my preferred dealership what with ordering right around the corner, but I have a long-standing relationship with Justin at Nissan of Chantilly and although he's currently on vacation I'm told that at least this dealership will be able to send out offers this Wednesday.

I'm going on faith that Justin's agreement to MSRP for the LEAF and no surprise options still stands when my Dashboard opens but am waiting to hear back from them about that.  In the mean time, I welcome everyone to call your preferred dealer this week to confirm the 27 July date.

Are you excited yet?


  1. Any particular reason for going with Nissan of Chantilly? It sounded as if you talked with Chris over at Germantown and he also told you MSRP right? Just curious because Criswell is set as my preferred dealer at the moment(They are about 10 mins from me).
    You think any of the dealers around here might go under MSRP?
    BTW, Chris told me they were only allotted 2 spots, isn't everyone who reserved able to order one?
    -Yes, I am excited but still mulling over the increase in price......::sigh::

  2. I thought I'd be able to order one today. I'm a little annoyed. I'm afraid that thousands of other people are ordering them right now ahead of me. I pre-ordered the Leaf on 4/20/2010 so shouldn't I be one of the first in tier 2 to place a real order? I'm tired of waiting.

  3. I deliberated long and hard on Nissan of Chantilly. I'm thinking I may write a new post explaining my decision but the long and short of it is it's not for lack of good choices.

    And Grant, last I checked on the Nissan LEAF forum no-one ordered yesterday. Raleigh, NC may be able to order today, and for all I know Criswell might too; we won't know for sure until the day comes. Certainly by moving my order to Chantilly I may risk loosing a free slot at Browns Sterling for none at Nissan of Chantilly, but a call to your dealer is 100% guarantee that they're looking out for you as opposed to an Internet-only position where you're just a name.