Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wanna LEAF? Lemme into your home…

Well, some dealerships on the dealer website opened up yesterday and some LEAF Quotes were posted and Orders submitted, but now you need a Home Assessment to get your car ordered.  Home assessment? you ask.  Didn't they waive that with the Tier 2 orders?  You're quite astute.  And no doubt my regular readers remember I've had an EVSE since last December; I don't need another one.  That's why I requested an assessment Waiver last November.

We have revealed yet a new bug in the Nissan LEAF web site.

This isn't the first problem with the Nissan LEAF website during the 2012 ordering process.  A quick perusal of the MyNissanLeaf forums reveals a number of web site shenanigans for the 2012 orders.  Most notably, on Monday, no dealership seemed to have their dashboard opened and the customer dashboards were all looking like they have since last week with the notice that the 2011 model year was sold out.

Then, Tuesday morning, customers were told that they had to select a preferred dealer in Tennessee in order to get their car because their local dealer wasn't allowed to sell the LEAF.  One MyNissanLEAF member in North Carolina was able to Request a Quote and get his order in but most were stymied until this error was fixed.

However, by that afternoon the customer Nissan LEAF Account Dashboard had started reporting the Home Assessment requirement.  I spent most of last night dealing with customer service over this issue, missing much of my writer's meetup since I didn't have time to read all this week's submissions.  The long and short of this is you give customer service your phone number and they'll call you when the problem is fixed — and that's gonna mean calling a lot of people.

As for our friend in North Carolina who was able to successfully order a 2012 Nissan LEAF?  Well, it's likely his order went through since his dealership should have been able to submit the order through their Dashboard, which as far as we know is working properly.  But as far as his customer Dashboard, he says it now reports that he has yet to place his order.


Well, folks, let them roll out the kinks; Software Engineering isn't magic and some bugs are hard to quash.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride — after all, man, it's not like those mellow left-coasties didn't go through the same thing.  Peace out!


  1. You know whats funny? I tryed to use my dashboard to get home assesment and it told me they dont service my area yet. Great! Do you know if the EV Project is giving the free charging dock around the Metro DC area?

  2. I'm part of the EVA/DC ( and as far as any of us know, no homes in the DC area are part of the EV Project, neither for the Volt or the LEAF. Potential Volt owners could have qualified but with the 2012 LEAF there is no ETEC price (the ETEC price was the SL price with the QuickCharge port thrown in for free). Since that trim level is gone, my guess is it's over and we got left out. :(