Thursday, July 28, 2011

My LEAF is ordered

And all I had to do was click the little yellow button; now begins the long — well, not so long — wait for delivery.  Justin, man, I owe you dinner!  You came through for me with MSRP!

You can read my order details here at the MyNissanLEAF Order Details thread.


  1. Wow, you chose a lot of accessories there.

    You got that quote pretty quick. I was just able to submit a request for a quote at 9pm today (Thursday).

  2. Congratulations, Grant! Hopefully your Dealer will get back to you today if he or she hasn't already!

  3. Jeffrey, what compelled you to pick the 2012 Leaf over the 2011? I read your other post and your arguments against the it are good.

    I am exploring whether to get a 2011 or 2012, and the inventory of 2011 models is decent where I live in Southern Cal. I don't need the cold weather package, and many cars in stock have the quick charge port. Thanks in advance, I look forward to reading your take on this.

  4. Ah, well, now as my friend Dave Davison would say, paying some $3000 or so to have a 2011 LEAF shipped from Washington State to the environs of Washington, D.C. was well worth it even if it didn't have the cold weather package. As my other friend Kevin would agree with me, it does get cold here in Virginia, maybe colder out by him than here in Fairfax Co, VA, and though because of that maybe I could do without the Cold Weather Trim, I'm just as happy to get it. I only wish the wonderful blogger EVNow could have in Washington State.

    But the thing is, like I said, I live in Tier 2, or Wave 2 or whatever Nissan is calling it these days. Nissan pushed Wave 2 from December 2010 to July 2011 and officially switched to 2012 with the opening of the South East / Illinois market. So really my only choice was to either have it shipped in and be like my hero Dave or to wait patiently like my friend Kevin for the Cold Weather Trim and the official Virginia release. I choose the later because much as I'm desperate for an electric car (in case this blog wasn't obvious) I want to be an every-man and so try not to use the perks of my knowledge and research to do better than my readers. If Virginians and Marylanders and South Carolingians and Floridians and Chicagoans have to wait until July 2011, so would I. How else could I speak for the "Eye-Poked Eight".

    Mind you, I won't hold out for the car's release in Canada. These extra 6 months were quite enough thank you! :) But yes, IMHO the 2011 was a better car than the 2012 simply because you don't have to pay the exchange rate markup of $1,900. But I've already spoken at length on that issue. :)

  5. Jeffrey, thanks for the insight. I've been reading up on electric cars and the Leaf in particular with a mind toward getting one. Reading your blog has been a great resource. I appreciate your candor on this 2011 versus 2012 discussion, because seeing the contrasting posts surprised me.

  6. Happy to be of service my anonymous friend in So Cal! :)