Friday, March 2, 2018

Goodbye Nissan! Affordable, yes, Electric, yes, Car, yes, but can it even get you home from work?

As many of my readers know, I drive a lot.  About 75 mi (120 km) a day, 1,550 mi (2,500 km) per month [for about $30–35], and about 20,000 mi (32,000 km) every year.  And now that #CO2Fre (technically, she is currently white) has a mere 33,875 miles, and just over 19 months, for the first time since owning #CO2Fre2 (2012 LEAF SL, down one bar, 42,700 mi and 27 months) and #CO2Fre1 (2013 LEAF SL, full bars, 50,000 mi and 30 months), this #CO2Fre is already down two whole bars!

In fact, as you can see from LEAFSpy (Android, iOS), #CO2Fre is down to about 76.20% of it's original capacity (less than the capacity of a new 24kWh Battery LEAF) and merely just under 68% health.  I will admit 64 #CHAdeMO sessions are a bit much for 19 months, but compared to 1642 Level 2 plugins, it's hardly unusual, especially within 33,875 miles.

The moral of this story, my friends, is very simple.  Although I still strongly recommend a used LEAF for under $10,000 with maybe 50 mi (80 km) capacity, I have but one piece of advice for all my readers, especially on the cusp of the sham 150 mi (240 km) capacity 2018 too-little-too-late LEAF, my council is simply this: Do not get a Nissan, never again!

If only waiting for a Tesla Model 三 wasn't a sisyphean task.