Monday, November 29, 2010

Nissan of Chantilly

14840 Stonecroft Center Circle
Chantilly VA 20151
(703) 889-3700

I just got off the phone with Justin, the Nissan LEAF specialist at Nissan of Chantilly, and wanted to pass on some of the perks you get for buying with him.  No, Nissan of Chantilly will not undercut MSRP; so far no dealers in the Washington, D.C. area have offered anything less than MSRP, but none have ever gone above it, which is natural because by Nissan North America Corporate rules, that can't. But, here is what Nissan of Chantilly is offering if you select them as your dealership:

  • Service Department opened 7 days a week
  • Free Service Loaners; Free Enterprise or Hertz loaners if no loaner cars are available at the dealership.
  • Discounted Oil Change for all customer's vehicles (6-cylinder or less): $7.95 before tax and disposal, $13.35 out the door.
  • Free Virginia Safety Inspections for all customer's vehicles.
  • Courtesy Concierge that allows you to drop off your vehicle without having to wait outside.
  • Courtesy Storage of your vehicle, for instance if you're going to Dulles Airport, you could drop your car off at the dealership and they would store it while you're away; you'd only need to take a cab from Chantilly to the airport, which isn't as expensive as from home for most people.

That said, certainly living as I do equally close to the airport, the last item doesn't really do much for me.  The list of perks are nice, to be sure.  By far the nicest aspect is the 7 days a week service department, but that's independent of the car purchase and really can't be considered a true perk.  The best offer IMHO is the free Virginia Safety inspections, which aren't all that expensive anyway.

Personally, I've decided to stick with Brown's Sterling Nissan in Sterling, VA.  That's not meant as a knock against Nissan of Chantilly, just that the offer doesn't make it worth it to me to change dealerships at this point.  Now if Pohanka Nissan of Fredericksburg can get LEAF certified and Kevin, my friend and fellow LEAF enthusiast, can get them to go under MSRP, I'll gladly buy from them, even though they're 63 or so miles from my house…

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  1. Glad to hear The Time Horse is going to stick with Browns Sterling Nissan. All the gimmics in the world dont make up for old fashion good customer service. Its pretty easy to see who the best Nissan store around is just by checking out the third party review sites like or Perks can be had at lots of car stores but working with people who truly care about their customers is the way to go!