Thursday, January 6, 2011

Live Chat with Ford TODAY!

Join the Technology Summit Live from the 2011 International CES

The festivities start in 2 hours from the time of this posting, and the schedule is on The Ford Story blog with a list of times all in Eastern Standard Timezone; the event is at the Consumer Electronic Show in Los Vegas and will begin at 13:00 hours local (Pacific) time.  The livestream updates on the Facebook page are supposed to continue for the next 24 hours as rabid anticipation of Ford Motor Company's entry into the EV market inches ever closer.  From The Ford Story blog:

Thursday, January 6, 2011 (all times are EST)

  • 16:00: Microsoft Senior Product Planner, Steven Bridgeland will talk about some of Microsoft’s work with Ford and we’ll share the latest Microsoft has to offer from CES
  • 17:00: IGN will recap their favorite apps and PC games from 2010 and review new gaming technologies
  • 18:00: Ford Chief Creative Officer, J Mays, and Ben Parr from Mashable will talk about innovation and creativity at CES
  • 19:00: Natali Morris from CNET will talk about upcoming tech trends
  • 20:00: A CES report from Rob Haralson from Five Q’s on Tech
  • 21:00: Learn more about how Ford is using mobile applications both through AppLink and Destinations
  • 22:00: A CES report from Michael Aulia from cravingtech
  • 23:00: Watch the Mashable Awards live!

Friday, January 7, 2011 (all times are EST)

  • 02:00: A CES report from Matthew Buckland from Memeburn
  • 03:00: A CES report from Kiruba Shankar from
  • 04:00: Ford User Interface Engineer, Jason Johnson, will answer questions in a livechat
  • 05:00: A CES report from Maxim Roubintchik from Gizmodo
  • 06:00: A CES report from Stefan Trunzik from Notebook Journal
  • 07:00: A CES report from Sascha Pallenberg from Netbooknews
  • 08:00: A CES report from Joe Simpson from Car Design News
  • 09:00: Russ Schafer from Yahoo! will talk about their newest technology, Connected TV
  • 10:00: Learn more about how Ford is approaching electric vehicles from the Ford EV team
  • 11:00: Ford Chief Technology Officer, Paul Mascarenas, will answer questions in a livechat
  • 12:00: Group and Technical Leader of Ford’s Infotronics Research & Advanced Engineering team, Venkatesh Prasad, will answer your questions in a livechat
  • 13:00: A CES report from Nick Mokey from Digital Trends
  • 14:00: CEO Alan Mulally will deliver his keynote address live from CES
  • 15:00: Live Blog: Executive Chairman Bill Ford looks into the Ford Electric Future

The thing to note here is that from 11:00 to 13:00 EST on Friday, representatives from Ford will be answering questions posted on their Facebook page, and especially the 10:00 hour where they will be discussing the Ford Focus EV among other things.

Visit the Ford Electric Vehicles Facebook page for more information about the Focus EV and for the Livestream tab to appear at 16:00 (EST)!

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