Thursday, June 2, 2011

July 2011 Nissan LEAF Orders

Yes, it is I, the intrepid Tier 2, most vocal LEAF enthusiast on the East Coast with a piece of wonderful news about the July 2011 Nissan LEAF Orders.  You may ask why I'm talking about July when it's only June.  Well, that's true, I've jumped the gun again.  And look through the My Nissan LEAF archives, didn't I wax poetic in a similarly in the December Orders thread?  And what happened: the entire East Coast went from December Orders to Late Summer 2011 Orders.  Am I jinxing it now?  I darn well hope I'm not.

But folks, this time I have it on good authority.  I spoke to Chris, a sales rep at the ever friendly at Criswell last week and he had some wonderful news for me that I'm sure all Tier 2 long sufferers are dying to hear: Late Summer is only 6 weeks away (or there abouts)!

Criswell, I just want to say, is one of the most LEAF friendly dealership in the Metro D.C. Area (no, I don't work for them).  Indeed, they were one of the few (only) Chevrolet dealerships in the country to provide an MSRP guarantee on the Chevy Volt; given all the stories of gauging we've heard on that car, this says a lot.  And it's no different with the LEAF: MSRP.

But here's what I have from Chris who has it from the Nissan Regional Sales Rep: July Ordering!

This bears repeating: July Ordering for Tier 2!

Yes, that means we may finally be getting to order in as little as 6 weeks!  Certainly any time from 4 to 8 weeks from now!

As for delivery, with the 4-7 month window, Chris and I agree the best case scenario would be November 2011 delivery but the worst case is something I've heard indirectly from Passport Nissan of Alexandria: that delivery may be as late as February or even March 2012.  Both dates would be in keeping with the 4-7 month window currently suggested from Nissan.

So get your orders ready Tier 2 folks!  Our time has come!


  1. What is late summer I wonder.....august/September perhaps? I don't suppose you heard anything else on the order date?

  2. Yes, Late August, Early September is generally what is called Late Summer, and I would originally say the Tier 2 ordering would begin on 31 August 2010 just as Tier 1 did on 31 August 2010!

    But thanks to the latest information I have, I'm now pretty confident ordering will begin within the next fortnight!

  3. I have reservation number E0E1E205 reserved on 4/20/2010. As of Saturday 16 July I have not had word one from Nissan on ordering since 12/19/2010. I haven't even had a Leaf News since 3/29/2011. My profile states my reservation is complete, but all other options have been disabled. So no I do not believe all 2 areas will be allowed to order. In fact, I doubt they let the rest of the country order until the 2013's start rolling off the TN plant.