Monday, November 7, 2011

Official Site Endorsement: Barbra Favola for Virginia Senate

Normally I don't want to use this site to endorse candidates specifically but tomorrow is election day here in Virginia and as I was recently redistricted into the 31st Senate District (as well as the 86th House District, but here my friend Tom Rust is running unopposed), I've been trying to give both Barbara Favola and Caren Merrick a fair listen in terms of where they stand on the issues and who could better represent my interests.

Now, the Merrick campaign has called me on two separate occasions to ask me for their support.  As I keep an opened mind, I basically said if Ms. Merrick can support me on fixing the anti-EV HOV situation here in Virginia, I'd be more than happy to support her.  On both occasions, the friendly campaign worker took down my query and the second time I was hung up upon in mid explanation.  Although I've not had dealings with the Favola campaign, this disregard for constituent interests is in my opinion inexcusable.  As today is the day before the election, I find it highly unlikely the Merrick campaign will call me in the next 19 hours so I'm willing to call it like I see it, and for her lack of responsiveness I'm officially throwing my weight behind Favola!

Now, if the Merrick campaign had contacted me by now and her response was she opposed my viewpoint, I would have remained neutral in this, but it's the lack of response one way or another that makes me believe she's not the best woman for the job.  I was in Barbara Comstock's House District when I wrote my original opened letter to this representative who was elected solely on the grounds of her muck-raking and mud slinging and who completely ignored my inquiry.  Needless to say I'm very happy to no longer be in that person's district.  Now that I'm in Tom Rust's district, I will admit we don't see eye-to-eye on the HOV issue (he's a Civil Engineering graduate from Virginia Tech and understands quite well the limitations we need to put on HOV access in terms of road usage and thus he supports option 2) but he was willing to discuss the issue with me, to meet with me and make sure my needs were addressed to the best of his ability.  Short of agreement on an issue, I could think of no better reason to support a candidate!  Not so with Caren Merrick.

And that is why I support Barbara Favola for Virginia Senate District 31.

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