Friday, March 16, 2012

Informal EV Gathering, Volts, LEAFs, Teslas, Smart ED all welcome!

My good friend Lanny Hartmann has arranged for an impromptu gathering of my fellow electric vehicle enthusiasts to meet in Scaggsville / Fulton, MD tomorrow for what we'll call Electric Cars & Coffee and the adorable Ethiopian emporium Sidemo Coffee & Tea.

Located in the Maple Lawn shopping center, this location has no less than 6 SemaConnect chargers available for anyone coming from more than about 40 miles away in an EV, so we hope to see folks from far and wide.  But be forewarned, you need a SemaConnect card with a current balance to use these chargers. In this case I will try to share my card with anyone identifying themselves as coming from this website and you'll hopefully have a chance to meet the founder and CEO of SemaConnect himself, Mahi Reddy who may also be able to help you.  At just $1 per hours, I can certainly afford a few of you.  Of course, this assumes I can activate multiple EVSEs at once with the same card.  I've yet to try but I won't be the only one with a card there.  So please order your card from the Sema Website and then come on and join us for the first area Electric Cars & Coffee!

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