Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week of November 8th!

Yes, you heard me correctly: my Nissan LEAF is expected to arrive the second week of November, 2011.  Some time between Tuesday, 8 November 2011 and Monday 14 November 2011, just in time for Thanksgiving and the holidays and well in time for the 2011 tax year!  It also comes about 50 weeks after I ordered my EVSE, much to my chagrin, but c'est la vie, c'est la guerre.

Many, many thanks go to Justin Maynard at Nissan of Chantilly for cluing me in on the delivery week since I can no longer access my customer dashboard.  LEAF number 5061 is on its way!


  1. Hey, I'm getting mine the same week. I decided to buy instead of lease due to the ridiculous tax rules for leases in VA.

    How do you know it's #5061? From the VIN? Isn't it #15,061?

    Are you signing up for Dominion's EV pilot program (TOU rates) next week?

  2. The 01 before the last 4 digits we think refers to model year, and thus 01 means model year 1, as in first model year as in the 2011 with 2012 pricing and all options as base. Since they sold their 7000th LEAF recently, I think the closest interpretation is that this is 2012 LEAF 61 and there are 60 people who will be getting LEAFs before me. You can compare LEAF VINs (the last 4 digits) on the My Nissan LEAF Spradsheet:

    To add your details, visit the web entry form at:

    And read about it in the forum post by turbo2ltr, here:

    And yes, my plan is to sign up but since you and I won't be getting our cars until November, it's kind of pointless to have it installed right away, but yes, I need to contact Dominion to start the ball rolling either way! Still not sure about Schedule EV or Schedule 1EV but I'm leaning toward household.