Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Years and 119 Cars! (Tomorrow)


…I wrote about some of the Electric Vehicles available today.


In just the last year, a number of cars have been announced with varying levels of fanfare, most of which targeting a 2011 or early 2012 release.  Many of these are listed on the Plug-in America Vehicle Tracker, and others are too new for even that list.

Ford Focus Electric

I first learned about the plans for an electric Ford Focus in late 2010, mentioning it as early as my And when problems with the LEAF were announced in early December, I became very keen to find out as much as I could about this potential LEAF competitor.

Tesla Model S

A Tesla as a family car, I first mentioned the Model S indirectly in my EVSE installation post.  With the highest upgrade boasting a range of 300 mi (483 km), this isn't just a work-and-back-again car; it can really take you places, if you're willing to pay.  But that range-extended upgrade is currently price unknown and for that $57,400 Plug-in America lists, all you get is 160 mi (257 km).  Still, it's a very beautiful car and if I had $5,000 to spare I know I'd reserve one today!

Toyota Rav4 EV (2012)

Just when you thought Toyota had forgotten how to make an EV, they're back with an all-new, redesigned with a Tesla drive train, Rav4 EV 2012!  I've yet to talk much about the 2012 Rav4 EV but I have seen it and I'm very excited!

Ford Transit-Connect EV

I first learned about the Ford Transit-Connect EV when researching the Focus Electric.  I have notes from the big announcement at that time that I've yet to transcribe onto this blog.  Then again, if I had I dime for every post I intended to make but never have time to get around to, I'd be a professional blogger by now!  The Transit-Connect is more of a delivery van than a commuter car, so it's not really an Affordable Electric Car so much as an Affordable Electric Truck; but I'll leave someone else to write that blog.

C-Max Energi

I've mentioned the C-Max Energi in a post about the Focus Electric, but then dedicated a post of its own to this PHEV and a wholehearted recommendation for a blog about it written by a friend of mine who recently received his very own Nissan LEAF.

BYD Auto e6 and Coda Automotive CODA Sedan

I mentioned both of these cars in the Ford Focus Electric post as a counterpoint to an established, American automotive corporation.  Both are built in China and both worry me a great deal in terms of safety because of this.&nbps; It's not that China isn't a country full of skilled laborers, but in a country that would put lead in its toys and poison its milk, I just don't want to trust my life to one of their cars.

Li-ion Inizio

The Inizio, and indeed all of Li-ion Motors cars are missing from the Plug-in America site.  But, I did see this car back in January and even interviewed a representitive from Li-ion Motors that I hope to bring to you in the near future and I look forward to learning more about their future Liv line of vehicles.

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