Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Years and 119 Cars! (Today)


…I looked back at my first post.


Since that first post, I've added a number of cars to this blog; some mentioned occasionally, some quite frequently.  All of these up and coming or already arrived cars deserve a mention since they're all at least partially able to take the label of Affordable Electric Car and all but one mentioned in the Plug-in America Vehicle Tracker.

Chevrolet Volt

I first mentioned the Volt in my second post to this blog, back when it was still designed with 60 mi (97 km) range.  I've no doubt has a love / hate relationship with the Volt over the last 2 years, but don't get me wrong, the Volt is the right car for a lot of people, and anyone interested in an EV with a 40 mi (64 km) round trip daily commute should seriously consider this car.  I even know a place where you can get the Volt at MSRP!

BMW Mini-E

I haven't spoken much about the Mini-E — so far only in my EVSE installation post — but this car has been on my mind a long, long time.  When the leases were announced for 2009, I jumped on the chance to get one of the 500 East Coast orders.  But alas, my region wasn't one of the privileged ones, so there was no Mini-E for me.  On the bright side, at least I saved over $800 per month for the last 2 years!

Toyota Plug-in Prius

The holy grail, as it were, of the PHEV world is the Plug-in Prius.  For years, home hobbyists were converting their Toyota Priuses into Plug-in cars to take advantage of inexpensive electrical rates.  I first mentioned the Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) Plug-in Prius in January and was much enthralled.  It may not be the EV of my dreams, but it's about bloody well time!

Toyota Rav4 (2002)

The 2002 Rav4 Electric was the only car from the late 1990s and early 2000s that survived to today.  This was due to it being the only car in that time that was available, for a brief, 6-month period, for customer purchase, unlike the long, lost and mythical GM EV1.  I first mentioned this car when I saw it in real life back in January, the very same one on the wikipedia page liked above.  Of course, since the 2002 Rav4 EV is no longer made, it's not on the Plug-in America list; at least not for that model year…

Nissan LEAF

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know it's not a question of what I have said about the Nissan LEAF, it's a question of what I haven't!  I first signed up on the mailing list for the LEAF in February 2010, and have been following it ever since.  Indeed, my first mention of the LEAF was as early as May 2010 in a massive post about the physics of fuel economy.

Smart ED

Although Plug-in America's database is quite thorough, there are some very important cars that have yet to make their list.  Nowhere is this more apparent than with the Smart Electric Drive, which I first mentioned to you back in January when I saw the first car ever leased in North America.

Next up

Some cars expected in the next 12 months…

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