Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dominion Virginia Power TOU Rates coming in October

Dominion Virginia Power Moving Forward with Electric Vehicle Recharging Pilot

The State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia has approved two new EV-oriented Time-Of-Use rates.  As discussed previously, these new rates could save you as much as $200 per year.  I hope in the coming months to bring a piece I've been working on which will explore the details of these new rates, but the short summary is the savings I've calculated and the fact that only 750 homes will qualify for the second meter EV-TOU rate and another 750 for the household TOU rate.

The program begins on 3 October, which would be within a month or 2 prior to the arrival of the first official Nissan LEAFs in the Commonwealth, but well within reach of current Chevrolet Volt and Smart Electric Drive owners.

I personally hope to get into this program though I'm not yet sure whether I want to go household or EV-only.  Thus, I will be presenting the pros and cons of each in a future post and hope that you, my friendly reader, will offer my advice as I make this exciting decision.

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