Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What options are available on the 2012 LEAF?

With the first orders of the 2012 LEAF it comes time to update the price list for the 2012 model year now available.  My friend Bruce Kim at Herb Gordon Nissan of Silver Spring, MD (who I can't more highly recommend as a preferred dealership) has been kind enough to send me the official price list for the new model year car.  The long and short of it is there's not been much change to the Port Options / Accessories list and they've confirmed that the 6.6kW charger is still a pipe dream that won't see the light of day until the 2013 model year.  The main take away apart from the already released price is the official cost of the "Zero Emissions" Graphic which I failed to mark in the 2011 edition; I've added it here. I don't have invoice costs yet but as I don't know of any Below MSRP dealerships in the Tier 2 rollout region yet but will update this chart when it becomes available.

Any number in italics is speculative based on last year's value.  Also note that it is my understanding that there is no more money for the ETEC Grant from the Department of Energy and since the CHADeMO port is already included in the price of the trim level.

Nissan LEAF Trim Levels

Code Description List Price / MSRP Invoice 2011 List Price 2011 Invoice Comments
17112 SV $35,200 $33,707 $32,780 $31,394 Includes $930 Cold Weather Trim; $1,490 net cost increase
17212 SL $37,250 $35,668 $33,720 $32,293 Includes $700 Fast Charge Port and $930 Cold Weather Trim; $1,900 net cost increase

As stated above, there are no factory-installed options for the 2012 model year LEAF.

Nissan LEAF Port-Installed Options / Accessories

Code Description List Price / MSRP Invoice SV Trim? SL Trim? Comments
L92 Floor Mats & Cargo Mat Area $170 $131 Yes Yes
B92 Splash Guards $140 $110 Yes Yes
M94 Recycling / Organizational Package $225 $178 Yes Yes
M92 Cargo Cover $290 $219 Yes Free
M93 Cargo Net $20 $15 Yes Yes Not available with M94 Recycling / Organizational Package
N92 Hologram Kick Plates $125 $99 Yes Yes Not available with B93 Eco Design Package
B93 Eco Design Package $260 $219 Yes Yes Not available with B95 "Zero Emissions" Graphic or N92 Hologram Kick Plates
B94 Protection Package $225 $183 Yes Yes Includes front and rear bumper clear protectors
S92 Safety Kit $75 $63 Yes Yes Includes First Aid Kit and Emergency Kit
B95 "Zero Emissions" Graphic $130 $105 Yes Yes Not available with B93 Eco Design Package

Now there are also options that can be installed at the Dealership that would likely have the highest markup and profit margin if charged, such as Alloy Wheel Locks — though, as I pointer out there are some dealerships where that's a complimentary upgrade and shouldn't count against the unexpected options pledge.  I would also like to point out that we customers shouldn't blame our poor dealerships for the $1,490 - $1,900 price increase over the 2011 model year.  It's unlikely that the difference extends from a jacking up over invoice since the Invoice to MSRP margin is usually very small.  That said, it's possible that Nissan North America may have agreed to this to compensate dealerships for the expense of installing EVSEs on their lots, though the more likely explanation is a weak dollar and a strong Yen.  In fact, what we can see from Edmunds is that the invoice price gap is even greater, with a $2,313 price increase for the SV and a $3,395 increase for the SL.  However, this is comparing apples to oranges because the 2011 Invoice doesn't include the Cold Weather Trim or the Quick Charge Port — in fact, we still don't know what the invoice cost was on the Cold Weather Trim option for the 2011 LEAF was.  What we can say for sure is the net profit above MSRP is now $1,493 for the SV and $1,582 for the SL trim or about 4.24%, same as last year.  This means the net profit margin for the dealers has increased, but only slightly since the 2011 model.  This supports the idea that the increase is due mainly to the weak dollar and a strong yen.

Nissan LEAF Colors

Code Name Example
QX1 Glacial Pearl
RAT Blue Ocean
K23 Brilliant Silver
KH3 Super Black
NAH Cayenne Red

Same colors as last year; still no green LEAFs.

Personally, I think it most likely that the set of options and trim I'll be picking tomorrow on this car still lacking a 6.6kW charger will be the SL trim with all port options and in Red (as we still lack Green).  Then again, $39,455 (with Destination charge, before tax) is a butt-load of money to pay for a car, even with a $7,500 tax credit.  It was one thing when there wasn't this new $1,900 premium on the 2012 model SL over the 2011, but now it just seems the cost is ridiculous.  Will I order it tomorrow?  Stay tuned!

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