Friday, March 4, 2011

Calling All Visionaries

Herb Gordon Nissan invites you to test Drive the Nissan LEAF

So rang out a wonderful surprise e-mail from Herb Gordon Nissan of Silver Spring, MD.  Herb Gordon Nissan is one of the 30 area Nissan dealers I've contacted about promoting the LEAF on this site for free.  Of all of those dealers, Herb Gordon Nissan was one of 7 that never replied to my e-mail inquiries — until now!  And what was this e-mail about? Was it about a sale on a new Altima or Tundra?  No, it was about a LEAF Test Drive!  Sure, Nissan's allowing anyone to test drive the LEAF at their Drive Electric Tour event at the National Harbor the following Friday, but why wait when you could have a Test Drive Tuesday the 15th!

The message I received announcing this exciting event is as follows:

calling all visionaries

here's your chance to drive the 100% electric Nissan LEAF

history is being made and you can be a part of it. the Nissan LEAF is going on tour. you can see it up-close and get a chance to test-drive one. but be sure to sign up now so that we can reserve the time and date you want to schedule your drive. we can't wait to see you.

Visit Our Site
to schedule your test drive

drive electric tour
sponsored by Herb Gordon Nissan

drive electric tour hours:
Tuesday, March 15 from 9AM - 7PM

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