Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three Test Drives! Yay! But where was the forth?

Today I test drove 3 Nissan LEAFs, and tomorrow I plan to visit 3 more dealership, take pictures, get more information on their plans for the LEAF, giving them a dedicated post — or, in the case of Nissan of Chantilly, a second one.  But I was disheartened that my old friends at Chevy Chase Nissan didn't let me know they were getting the car for a test drive today too!  It would have been the perfect opportunity to take pictures of their dealership and meet with some of the staff, like I did at Brown's Fairfax Nissan, Herb Gordon Nissan and Criswell Nissan today.  But don't worry, Chevy Chase Nissan, I still love you and will come by sometime soon, even if you don't have the LEAF! I promise!


  1. So what did you think?

    I'm taking it for a spin on Sunday at the National Harbor event. I hope the test drives there are more than a minute long.

  2. So far I've been on 6 test drives, met Jennifer twice, driven Cayenne red twice, saw a black one being carted off once with a tear in my eye and loved the pickup, handling, ECO Mode and backup camera — just to name a few. The breaks on the blue one I first drove seemed a bit stiff, but you get used to it. But more on all this as I prepare my new (or updated) dealer reviews. As for the National Harbor event, I expect it will be like the others, about 5-10 minutes including prep and driver training. There'll also be an informational lecture and show-and-tell for another 5-10 minutes. Bring 2 forms of ID and your smiling face, as the car rides like a dream. Also, if you want an extended test drive, check out the EVS/DC for their private session from 3-5, Saturday.

  3. What/where is the Saturday event?

  4. Well, the EVA/DC special drive event is private to the EVA/DC ( ). Our president. Dave Goldstein, worked hard to organize this event as a special perk for our members. Membership is only $35 a year and well worth it. If you join or have joined the EVA/DC, I would be happy to send the details in private.

    BTW, that should say EVA/DC above, not EVS/DC. Sticky fingers!