Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help me win Lance Armstrong's Bike…

…by voting for my video on the Drive Electric Tour site!

Thank You.

Also, if you see by CBox to the right, you'll notice that HankHillNeedsALeaf also has an excellent video.  I voted for him and I hope you did too but if you didn't, I'm afraid now it's too late and I'm very sorry to say the most deserving HankHillNeedsALeaf did not get one.  Perhaps it's just as well though, because I personally believe he'd go down to Strickland Propane and mount a tank in his trunk and put in a generator that runs on Propane using Propane Accessories to power his LEAF.

Seriously, though, well done HankHillNeedsALeaf and I hope you'll consider casting a vote for me too so that at least I can win that sweet ride designed by Lance Armstrong and beat out that woman who was just complaining about having to drive from New York to test drive a LEAF.  Personally, I think it was a gross under sight of the Drive Electric Tour planning not to have a stop in Chicago, Pittsburg, New York and Boston for our MyNissanLeaf buddy Mitch and we shouldn't punish those in D.C. for being lucky enough to be on the Tour Schedule, especially when we as well as all of the South East were pushed back eight months to only a handful of months before the rest of the country for the opportunity to just order the car.  Secondly, although I didn't blog about it, I was truly heartbroken when I, in Virginia, couldn't get in the Mini-E lease program.  I have, for the last two years, been very jealous of the New Yorkers and New Jerseyites that we able to get that most wonderful car.  So this time, let a Virginian win the LEAF! Or at least a Marylander, D.C. resident, Pennsylvanian, Illinoisan or another one of my fellow Tier 2 states.  Thanks again and I look forward to your vote!

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