Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Visionaries needed!

Come Test Drive the Nissan LEAF at Criswell Nissan in Germantown, MD!

Sometimes, it's great to be wrong!  It looks like if you can't be in Silver Spring on Tuesday, 15 March to test Drive the all-electric Nissan LEAF, why not try Criswell in Germantown?

Of course, I can't say I'm surprised.  I knew the Drive Electric Tour had more than one car and figured multiple dealerships would be getting it on the same day.  Criswell has been a friend to the EVA/DC for a while and is my favorite Chevy Volt dealer in the area so naturaly if there were any spares, they'd be one of the dealerships to get one.  They also support the MSRP guarentee on the Volt, which is more than you can say about most Volt dealers!  I'm only sad that I didn't hear it directly from them.

As you may recall, I contacted 30 of the area Nissan dealers last December about providing free space to pimp their dealership.  So far, only a few dealership have replied; most of them have merely sent promotional materials for their other cars.  Herb Gordon stayed on point, and I have a good relationship with Brown's Sterling Nissan.  But in this case, Criswell Nissan didn't bother to reply to my inquiries or contact me, ever.

But that's water under the bridge, folks, because I happen to like Criswell's dealerships, especially Criswell Chevrolet and Criswell Nissan and now I'm very happy to pass on an invitation to you brought to my attention thanks to the EVA/DC:

New Nissan LEAF Electric Car at Criswell Nissan Dealer in Germantown, MD

The Criswell Nissan LEAF Test Drive Event will be Tuesday March 15, 2011

We will provide you the opportunity to learn all about the Nissan LEAF. You will be shown the highlights, attributes and benefits of this ground breaking 100% electric ZERO Emissions car.

But the best part is that you can drive the car for yourself! You will be able to drive the car on a pre-determined course with a ‘co-pilot’ to answer your questions and show you all the interior features of the car.

Due to time limitations each LEAF Test Drive will be by appointment only.

Please call 888-475-1240 to schedule your LEAF Test Drive.

Join us on Tuesday March 15, 2011 and be one of the first to drive a Nissan LEAF!

(Only those with a registered drive time will be guaranteed a test drive. Non-registered guests will be able to drive the LEAF on a first come first served basis or can experience the LEAF as a passenger).

The site continues with information about the car that you can read there.  All in all, this is great news for the week of 14 March, the week of the Washington, D.C. LEAF!

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